FloorTex Diamond

This hugely popular 2mm safety vinyl has now been extended to give more colours including chipped ones.

Easy to cove and with excellent abrasion resistance and slip resistance FloorTex Daimond has a 10 year warranty and boasts a life expectancy of over 15 years.

Product Warranty: 10 years

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning Instructions

By Hand
1. Sweep up loose dirt and dust
2. Apply CleanTex Multi Purpose Cleaner
3. Scrub with deck scrubber or edge cleaner.
4. Mop up residue. Always use a twin compartment bucket to avoid re-distribution of dirt.
5. Mop rinse with clean,warm water and allow to dry.

By Machine
1. Vaccum up dust and dirt, remove large debris
2. Apply CleanTex Multi Purpose Cleaner and leave for several minutes.
3. Machine scrub using medium synthetic pad*
4. Wet vacuum residue
5. Rinse with warm clean water and vacuum dry.

* for FloorTex Diamond, normally used in showers or for pool surrounds, a deck scrubber or brush scrubber is recommended rather than pads or mops, but a special cleaner may be required occasionally too remove hardened lime deposits

Technical data

Slip Resistance




Wear Layer



2.4 kg/m2

Light Fastness


Sound Insulation


Fire Performance

EN 13501-1, Class Bfl s1

Chemical Resistance


Under Floor Heating


Electrical Behaviour

2 kv Antistatic

VOC Emissions


Wear Resistance

Group T

Product Warranty

10 Years

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