CleanTex Floor Cleaning Liquids

Why do you need to maintain your floors? Regular cleaning of your floors; whether old or new, saves money and ensures the maximum lifespan of every floor. We have developed an effective range of floor cleaning and maintenance products for all types of hard and soft floor surfaces. CleanTex floor cleaning solutions can be used in all sector types including Education, Commercial, Care Home, Healthcare and the Hotel & Leisure environment.

CleanTex Floor Cleaning Liquids

CleanTex Floor Cleaning Liquids are ideal for use on:

  • Smooth vinyl
  • Safety flooring
  • Carpets
  • Timber floors
  • Marmoleum
  • Linoleum
  • Terrazzo

CleanTex Floor Cleaning Liquids


Premium Clean - a neutral floor cleaner great for use on all hard floor surfaces. Ultimate - a heavy duty floor cleaner, great for use on all floor types, especially effective on safety vinyl. Multi Purpose Cleaner - an all...

Floor Strippers

Premium Strip - floor polish stripper, which unlocks metallised polish for easy removal. For use on all hard floor surfaces. Quick Strip - floor polish stripper, with no need to rinse before polishing. For use on all smooth vinyls.


• Anti-Stat Maintain - a highly efficient floor maintainer, which pro-longs the anti-static life of anti-static floor polishes. For use on hard floor surfaces. • Premium Maintain - a highly efficient cleaner and polish maintainer. For use on most hard...


• Premium Glow - easy to use, low maintenance floor polish. For use on most hard floor surfaces. • Premium Polish Excel - a metalised polish for strength, durability and easy removability. For use on most hard floor surfaces.


Neutra Floor - neutralises floors after cleaning. For use on all types of carpets and smooth vinyls. Hide


Premium Base Seal - a base acrylic seal, for use on most hard floor surfaces. Provides an ideal base for emulsion polish application. Hide

Stain Removers

• Bio-Enzyme - an enzyme digester and deodoriser for use on blood, food, vomit and all protein based stains and 'eats away' bad odours. For use on all types of carpets.• Premium Pre-spot - an amazing, odourless formulation for use...