Floor Cleaning Solutions

A wide range of floor cleaning and maintenance solutions, from cleaning liquids such as cleaners, maintainers, stain removers and sealers to machines, mops and accessories, to make your cleaning easier. Safe to use in any environment, our cleaning range caters for all floor types including smooth vinyls, safety vinyls, timber floors and carpets. Take advantage of our free step-by-step advice and training on the best cleaning products or machines to suit your floors; saving you time and maximising floor cleanliness. Whether you need to replace your mopping system or need a cleaning machine or a deep clean option for your floors, we promise to find you a cleaning solution.

Floor Cleaning Solutions

Floor Cleaning Solutions

CleanTex Floor Cleaning Accessories

A complete range of floor cleaning accessories to meet everyday cleaning needs, from complete cleaning mop kits to make cleaning floors easier for you, to everyday essentials such as trigger sprays, mops and buckets, designed to for use in education,...

CleanTex Floor Cleaning Liquids

Why do you need to maintain your floors? Regular cleaning of your floors; whether old or new, saves money and ensures the maximum lifespan of every floor. We have developed an effective range of floor cleaning and maintenance products for...

CleanTex Floor Cleaning Machines

A range of cleaning machines, specially developed to thoroughly clean and maintain both hard floor and soft floor surfaces, to cut labour time compared with manual systems, making any cleaning, scrubbing or polishing job quicker and easier for you