FloorTex Brendon Rib / Herringbone

An entrance matting that is available in either a ribbed or herringbone design, FloorTex Brendon is an economical flooring that stops dirt in it’s tracks.

Cleaning Instructions

Regular Carpet Maintenance

As carpet has the ability to conceal soilage it can appear to be clean when it is not, however, this should not result in delayed cleaning and maintenance, because when it appears dirty it can be hiding very high levels of soilage.

Effective Vacuuming: A vital element of any Cleaning & Maintenance Regime to reduce fibre abrasion and wear. High usage areas should be vacuumed daily to prevent the unsightly build up of dry soilage – dirt, dust, and grit. Use an upright twin motor vacuum cleaner agitates pile, removes dry soilage and enhances carpet appearance. Tub Vacuums are not as effective, unless fitted with a turbo brush attachment to agitate the fibres and loosen soiling.

Regular Spot Removal: Spots and spill usually form 5-10% of soiling, with beverages and food spills the most common. Failure to remove unsightly marks on a regular basis increases the chance of permanent staining and leads to a decline in appearance, for quick and easy spot removal we recommend CleanTex spot removal product.

Technical data


Gel Rubber

Fire Performance

Hot Metal Nut BS4790

Flooring Type



Heavy Contract

Light Fastness

EN ISO 105 B02

Pile Type

Fibre Bonded

Pile Weight

900gm m2

Sound Insulation


Stitch Count


Total Thickness


Total Weight

2000gm m2

Width/Tile Size


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For further information on sample requests forFloorTex Brendon Rib / Herringboneplease click here to make an enquiry.Due to the wide colour choice available for this product and varying difference in colour between on your screen and in reality, we do not offer colour swatches on our website. We will send you a full colour sample card, next day free of charge as required