Commercial Products

Meeting the demands of the commercial world

Large glass expanses are commonplace in today’s modern architecture, such as atriums, skylights, roofl ights and often feature in many commercial buildings. being able to control light, heat, glare and privacy with a range of hardwearing, cost-effective shading solutions is crucial. we have experience in providing and installing professional solutions for all commercial situations large and small.

The complete commercial package

Creating a comfortable working environment for your employees or client is important to you, but with costs often being an issue, we focus on providing products that we know will withstand the everyday rigors of constant use. many of our blinds come with a 5 year guarantee and all fabrics are fl ame retardant to british standards. we pride ourselves on our service and after-sales care, so you have complete peace of mind that your shading solutions will be maintained for years to come.

Commercial Shading Solutions

  • An experienced, qualifi ed team with extensive product knowledge
  • Cost-effective, hardwearing range of shading solution
  • Products can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Friendly, consistent service and excellent after-sales care
  • Friendly, consistent service and excellent after-sales care

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