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Why Polyester vs Fibre Glass?

• Has been used in clothing and bedding for many years.
• Incredibly durable and thermally efficient
(eg. polarfleece clothing).
• Not associated with any health concerns.
• Non-irritant, non-toxic and non-allergenic.
• Will never slump, sag or settle.
• No chemical binders
(eg; Formaldehyde) - thermally bonded.
• Not affected by moisture, mould or mildew.
• Environmentally friendly - can contain up to 90% already recycled fibre.
• Provides safer indoor air quality.
• No special precautions required to handle or install.
• High performance thermal and acoustic products for increased energy efficiency.
• Made from 100% polyester fibre
(no mixing fibre types = recyclable).
• High recycled content (up to 90%) = low “embodied energy”.
• Polyester will not give off gas and the fibres will not become an airborne pollutant, eliminating airborne fibre respiratory related illnesses.
• No chemical binders or fire retardants
(ie. Formaldehyde & Boron).
• Safer indoor air quality - no VOC’s.
• No environmental issues at end of life
(product can be re-used or recycled).