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Why HushPanel?

HushPanel is an innovative acoustic panel with a thickness of either 25mm or 50mm and delivers exceptional reverberated noise control, which in turn assists with BB93 compliance.

How it works: Made from 100% high density polyester, HushPanel is the first choice for acoustic control. With its excellent sound absorption properties, HushPanel is ideal for noise sensitive environments such as schools, theatres, cinemas, recording/broadcasting studios, call centers and many other areas.

HushPanel comes as lightweight, semi-rigid; easy to handle panels which can be supplied pre-finished, plain or custom printed thus avoiding the difficulties associated with fabric wrapped acoustic panels or panels installed in a grid system. These panels can be installed directly onto walls or ceilings in their pre-finished/plain format or can be framed if required to create unique modular panels.

HushPanel is ideal for use in:
• Theatres
• Auditoriums
• Recording Studios
• Call Centres
• Schools


Key Benefits

• Acoustically rated to NRC 0.85 for 25mm Panel and NRC 1.00 for 50mm Panel 
• Flame retardant to European equivalent of Class-O
• Highly durable, lightweight & easy to handle
• High impact resistance
• Made from 100% polyester fibre (including already recycled fibres)
• Recyclable & environmentally friendly
• Safe, non toxic & non irritant
• Will not absorb moisture and will not rot or break down over time, providing long term stability and performance
• Easy to install
• Assists with BB93 compliance
• Resistant to fading
• Design flexibility with the ability to provide cut shapes & custom colour printing
• Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems


Find out more about HushPanel

To request further details on our HushPanel range or for advice call one of our sales advisors today on 01823 334258.